The Power of Xero Network

1,800,000 businesses and 82,000 accountants are connected via Xero

If everyone could connect, businesses will flourish, jobs will be created, communities will thrive. All because of small business owners and a place in the cloud called Xero.

Xero is accounting software that born and built in the cloud, it connects to everything a small business need:

  • Em­ail integration helps growing customer relationships
  • Online invoicing and reminders make payment faster
  • Xero connects business owners with bookkeepers, advisors, banks, clients, suppliers.
  • Access to financial data and insights is as simple as clicking of a button

In addition, Xero marketplace has +700 business applications that seamlessly integrate with Xero. Small business accounting is made easy with Xero connected apps like inventory management, CRM, Point of Sale, projects, time tracking, and Ecommerce.


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