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Which plan works for you?

All plans are scalable in terms of services and frequency.

We know that each business is unique, so we will understand your requirements and devise a plan that fits your needs and budget.

Got questions?

We've gathered some answers

Who will do my accounts?

Each client account will be handled by:

  • Bookkeeper: Liaise with client representative and carryout day-to-day entries,
  • Account manager: Provide guidance, supervision, reviews, checks, reports, and advices.
  • Tax Agent: Handle tax compliance, efficiencies, return filing, tax reporting and advisory.
How much should I pay for the service?

Because each business is unique, it is not practical to set a fixed price for all.

The service fee is based on the level of skills and time we spend on your accounts, and those are triggered by the level of complexity and volume of transactions.

But we guarantee fair prices reasonable for small businesses

Should I pay an additional fee for the accounting software?

No, the accounting software cost is included in the monthly accounting plan.

What is the term of service?

We recommend a minimum of one year, however it is not mandatory, and client can choose month to month contract.

What we can do with a backlog of unrecorded accounts, or data stored in an old software?

We offer a discounted lump-sum fee for backlog accounting and data migration from old system, Excel, and hardcopies of documents. All our staff are data migration certified.

Is my data secured in the cloud?

We use Xero, one of the best and secured cloud accounting software used by over 2 million subscribers around the world. Your data is encrypted with the same level of security that your bank uses.

How can my staff use the software?

Upon your request, unlimited number of your staff can access the software. Staff can perform tasks as making quotes & invoices and claiming expenses. While managers can generate reports and monitor KPIs in the dashboard.

Is there a training and how much will it cost?

We will provide training for all users’ roles, in addition to ongoing phone and online support FREE of charge.

What other software or Apps that will I have access to?

We recommend few Apps that we’re partnered with like Liveplan (business planning), and WorkflowMax (project management). These apps could be added to your plan free of charge.

However, we have access to more than 800 Apps that you can benefit from. We will recommend the right app where necessary.

How Does It Work?

Here are the core steps for a recurring plan​


We understand your business and tailor any specific needs or customization ​


We establish the routine for exchanging the data and define the processes. A daily or weekly or monthly cycle that suits your time and resources ​


We enter invoices, bills, receipts and journals, do bank reconciliations, and VAT accounting, ​


You get periodic comprehensive reports or have 24/7 access to cloud based advanced analysis and planning apps seamlessly integrated with your accounting system ​


We explain the numbers so you can make better decisions on your business growth and value​

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