What’s your
business worth?

Know your business value and continuously
enhance the worth of your largest asset

Increase your business value

Know your business value. Understand the drivers of value and maximize it overtime and make your business sealable.

What is Business Valuation?

The valuation of a business is the process of determining the current worth of a business, using objective measures, and evaluating all aspects of the business including its future earnings prospects.

When is a business valued?

Any business can be valued at any stage, whether it’s a start up, growing, or mature business. Loss making, break-even, or profitable business.

Why You Should Have a Business Valuation

Monitor & Enhance Value

Monitor & Enhance Value

Know your current business worth, and monitor the drivers of value to maximize it way before considering an exit.

Pitch to Investors

Pitch to Investors

Determine the right value of shares for new investors, based on objective valuation, rather than guesswork.

Sell or Buy

Sell or Buy

Know the range of values, and the drivers of business value to better negotiate a sale or purchase deal.
Raise Capital

Raise Capital

Easy raise the right amount of capital buy knowing your business insights, value, and potential.

Our Valuation Process

How Does It Work?​

Analysis ​

Analyze your business strategically & financially, applying a range of models ​

Business plan ​

Create your online business plan that seamlessly integrates with your accounting system ​

Financial forecast

Full valuation report, applying 3 to 5 methods of valuation and conclude a range of values ​


Chart of accounts structure, tax rates, bank reconciliation, fixed assets, data accuracy, users activity, and more ​

Value maximization ​

A set of ongoing procedures and practices to maximize & update your business value, ​

What Are The Benefits
of a Business Valuation

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